The 5 Best 32 Inch Monitors in India [2022] – A Complete Review!

best 32 inch monitor in india

The 32 inch is a pretty big size for a monitor since you usually sit closer to it. And you have to move your head to look around ( which is good for your eyes). Most people will find 24 inches to be big enough, and for some, even 27 inches is small. With a bigger screen, you also should take resolution into account. The 1440p or 2K is the most popular combination. 

The best takeaway monitors in this list for you are – ViewSonic VX3276, LG 32GK650, and ACER EB321HQU.

So for those of you below, I have listed the 5 of the best 32-inch monitors in India right now. These monitors are of great use for gaming, entertainment, and editing, among others.

REVIEWS: Best 32 inch monitors in India

1. Sleekest monitor: VIewSonic VX3276

Viewsonic monitor


  • 32 inch IPS display
  • 2K resolution
  • 75Hz, 4ms speed rate
  • HDMI, DP & Mini DP Ports
  • 178% superior viewing angles
  • Slim, sleek build quality
  • Ergonomic stand

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We will start the conversation here with the Viewsonic’s VX3276 – a best-in-class 32-inch monitor boasting a 1440 aka 2K resolution. It has IPS panel backing, which means prettier and more colors that’s also brighter. The color gamut coverage is almost 99%, so yeah, it’s suitable for editor professionals. The viewing angles are great with upto 178/178 H & V.

Along the line are the 75Hz peak refresh rate and 1ms response for a seamless gaming experience. On the screen’s flip side are HDMI, DP, Mini DP, and audio ports for faster connectivity.

Let’s take a minute here to appreciate the build and looks of the model. As you can see from the image above, all four sides are super-thin, has a firm stand, and with a silver metal-like finish, the monitor gives a lavish feel. The stand has complete ergonomic support for tilt, swivel, and height adjustment. 

2. For editing professionals: BenQ PD3200Q

BenQ PD3200Q


  • 32 inch VA display
  • 2K resolution
  • 100% sRGB Rec.709
  • DualView, KVM
  • CAD/CAM, animation special
  • 60Hz, 4ms response
  • Built-in speaker
  • DVI, HDMI, DP, Mini DP, & USB 3.0 ports

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The BenQ PD3200Q is a more sophisticated monitor here. Specially designed for CAD/CAM and animators, the monitor renders upto a 10bit color spectrum with 100% sRGB accuracy. The resolution is 2K, which is a popular combo for 32″. It features BenQ’s unique (as they say) VA panel technology. The contrast and overall gamut are impressive, but as for viewing angles, they are not as good as an IPS standard.

One of the selling points for PD3200Q is the Dualview KVM feature. It allows you to connect two different PCs to it. You can switch between them using a single keyboard – a productivity hack.

We are moving next to the build and design quality. What we have to talk about here is that the design is more professional-looking. Matte black finish on an averagely thin frame. Stands are fully ergonomic, with a circular cut in the middle for cable management. So the build is not very fancy or boring either.

3.The gaming machine: LG 32GK650

LG Ultragear monitor


  • 32-inch monitor
  • VA Panel powered
  • 1440p 2K resolution
  • 144Hz, 1ms speed
  • Hight, tilt, and swivel adjustment
  • Super thin bezels
  • HDMI, DP & Audio ports

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Next up is the installment from LG. The ultra gear series model brings you a 32 inch VA standard display having consistent 2K resolution for immersive gaming and entertainment experience. The colors are decent and bright enough but not as good as IPS.

The 32GK650 is an ideal monitor for online multiplayer shooter games like PubG. The superior 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms of flash-past-fast response rate that renders tear & lag-free performance. It supports Radeon Freesync for maximum torque. [Click here for more 144Hz monitors in India]

The build of this 32-inch Ultragear monitor is typical, having three super-thin sides and a shiny black finish, which some people might have an issue with due to reflection. The stand is relatively stable and supports swivel, height, and tilt adjustments. You can find the best gaming monitors in India here.

4.The most affordable: ACER EB321HQU

Acer affordable 32 inch monitor


  • 32 inch IPS display
  • 1440p resolution
  • 300Nits brightness
  • 60Hz, 4ms speed
  • DVI, HDMI, DP ports
  • 100M:1 contrast ratio

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The Acer EB321HQU can safely be called the cheapest, most affordable 32-inch monitor in India right now. The WQHD or 1440p resolution monitor boasts an IPS panel for super-smooth pictures with brighter (300 Nits) colors and budget-defining accuracy. As with any IPS display, it has good enough viewing angles, i.e.178/178.

It has a blue light and flicker-free output, which is very useful for your eye health.

The Acer, a 32-inch monitor, has an average speed profile. With a 60Hz refresh rate and 4ms of response rate, there’s nothing special to talk about here.

The build quality is standard, and the design features all four equi-thin bezels and a rectangular stand for stability. Overall the Acer is trying to serve the people looking for a 32-inch monitor under 20,000.

5.Curved screen: Samsung LU32R590CW

Samsung curved monitor 32 inch


  • 32″ Curved VA display
  • Brilliant slim build
  • Over 1 Billion colors & 2500:1 contrast
  • 4ms response & 60Hz shutter
  • PBP tech – Enjoy two input devices side-by-side

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The curved 32-inch Samsung UHD monitor stands out among other curved 4K monitors owing to the great features it brings to your studio or office. It has a 60 HZ refresh rate and 4ms response time, one millisecond faster than the LG UHD IPS monitor above. Additionally, the monitor supports up to 1 billion color variations and has a 2500:1 contrast ratio. However, you will not enjoy bright colors and more realistic images and videos that would otherwise be supported by HDR. Also, the brightness levels achieved with this monitor are limited when compared to HDR monitors. But that is not to say you cannot get better since the LG monitor above has full support for HDR, although the price may be slightly higher.

Like other curved monitors, I do not recommend the Samsung 4K monitor for 3D modeling since some professionals complain of perception issues. Like for example, it may trick you into thinking your lines are not straight even when they are. However, with a 16:9 aspect ratio, it is an excellent companion for consoles like Xbox One and PS4 Pro. You can also check out top ultrawide and curved monitors here.

Popular FAQs related to 32-inch monitors

Is the 32-inch monitor too big for you?

To be honest, a 24 or 27-inch monitor is big enough for most people to use. But if you have used a 27″ monitor and feel the need for an upgrade, then you definitely do. The 32 inch is not too big for you. 

What resolution is best for a 32-inch monitor?

The 1080p is out of the syllabus here. The most popular option is 2K, aka 1440p, for decent sharpness and enjoying the big screen. Another option is 4K, but that can get expensive.

Is the 32-inch monitor good? 

Let me put it straight. If you have used 24 inches, then go for 27 inches and 32 if used 27 inches. For some people, it might get overwhelming to jump straight to a 32-inch display.

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