3 Best 24-inch Monitors in India 2022: For Office Work, Editing, Mac & More

Searching for the best 24-inch monitor in India for office work, photo/video editing, gaming, programming, or for your Macbook? You are at the right place so just keep reading.

The best 24-inch monitor that you can buy right now in India is the Dell U2415. It has an excellent 1200p IPS display that provides you with higher color accuracy and 11% more space than a regular 24” 1080p screen. It is suitable for everything that you throw at it. And if you are looking for a budget 24-inch monitor, then go for LG 24MP59G. It has an impressive screen with remarkable picture clarity and a color gamut suitable for photo and video editing-related works.

That said, let’s jump on to the comparison table now:


Best for
Mac Pro
Office work
HDCP support
Home Use

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1. Dell U2415

24-inch monitor overall for MacBook Pro

Dell U2415 monitor
  • 24″ IPS display
  • 1200p resolution with 16:10 ratio
  • 300 NITs of brightness
  • 76Hz refresh rate & 6ms response
  • 99% sRGB coverage
  • HDMI, USB, DP, Audio ports, No Type-C
  • Ergonomic stand

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As good and sharp as the Macbook Pro display is, it can not fulfill the comfort of working and watching on a large screen. The Dell U2415 is the best option for this.

The better than FHD, A WUXGA IPS display

The 24-inch monitor features an impressive WUXGA (1920 X 1200p) resolution and dominant IPS display. Its 16.8 million color gamut delivers the most accurate color reproduction. Along with that, it has 300 cd/m2 of supper brightness & blazing picture contrast for a sharper picture and better dark and bright differentiation.

Robust height-adjustable design

The Dell U2415 monitor brings you a premium build with an ultra-thin bezel and sturdy and robust stand that gives your desk an excellent look. It is one of the few monitors with extensive screen adjustment. It allows you to control the tilt, swivel, pivot, and height as per your comfort.

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Final verdict

The Dell UltraSharp2415 is an excellent 24-inch monitor available in India with enticing offerings. The 1200p IPS display and 16:10 aspect ratio boost productivity. It has a 76Hz refresh rate and 6ms response suitable for most of the frame critical works and a decent color profile (with up to 16.8M) for accurate color reproduction. The Dell U2415 is most famous for its multi-monitor setup and as an excellent external monitor for Macbook Pro. However it the monitor lacks a type-C port and you will need an adaptor for the same. For monitor with Type-C port for MacBook click here.

2. LG 24MP59G

24 inch IPS monitor for photo-editing

LG gaming monitor 24 inch
  • 24 inch Full HD IPS display
  • 6bit+A-FRC for better colour depth
  • Over 99% sRBG
  • 1ms response & 75Hz refresh rate
  • HDMI, VGA, Display, and Audio ports
  • Anti-Glare 3H coating for less strain on eyes
  • 3Y Warranty

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An ideal monitor for photo editing has better contrast, natural color gamut, and high enough brightness. And that is what all you can find in this monitor. The LG 24MP59G brings you a 24 inch full HD IPS display and 16.7M natural colors.

The 6bit+A-FRC and 16.7M colours

The LG monitor comes with 8bit+A-FRC, an intelligent frame rate control mechanism that produces better color depth. This is an essential aspect of color-critical works like photo and video editing.

1ms motion blur reduction

Not an essential component for editing but the 1ms motion blur feature can definitely come in handy if you are a gaming enthusiast. The 1ms response, together with 75Hz frequency provides a fluid gaming experience for high-end gaming at a budget price tag.

Final verdict

The LG 24MP59G is a perfectly crafted monitor with premium, predator series-like looks. The color-rich IPS display enhanced color depth, and 99% sRGB ratio combined make it the best 24-inch monitor for photo/video editing. In fact, this is a pretty versatile monitor that you can utilize not just for editing work but also for games, movies, and everything in between.

3. BenQ Zowie

24 inch 144Hz monitor for gaming & Esports

BenQ Zowie monitor
  • 24 inch TN display
  • 1080p FHD resolution
  • 144Hz refresh rate over DP
  • Low blue light and a flicker-free screen
  • DP, HDMI, and Headphone port.
  • Dual-Link DVI-D to reach 144Hz
  • Nvidia 3D vision ready
  • Height and tilt/swivel adjustable stand
  • VESA supported
  • Poor viewing angles

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Are you into high-end gaming and online FPS esports? Then the BenQ Zowie is just the right choice for you. The 24 inches TN panel-based monitor brings you an enriching full HD experience.

144Hz Turbo refresh & 1ms response for fluid gaming

The BenQ Zowie is one of the few cheap monitors with the next-gen combo of 144Hz refresh and a 1ms response rate that delivers an unmatching gaming performance. It dwells perfectly for online esports like CSGO and Fortnite.

Better colour vibrance and black eQualizer

Although not as color-enriched as an IPS monitor, the BenQ still provides you with a vibrant color spectrum. The exclusive black eQualizer delivers better bark and bright differentiation in dark scenes.

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Top FAQs: the 24-inch monitor

Which 24 inch monitor is best?

There are over 38 monitors out there in the 24-inch segment. And the best monitor that I found in my research is the Dell U2415. It has the best design, 16:10 aspect ratio, 1200p resolution, plenty of ports, and is height/tilt adjustable. You can pretty much use it for anything, and it is best to use it with your MacBook Pro. The cheapest best option in the 24-inch size is the LG 24MP59G.

Is a 24-inch monitor big enough?

In multiple surveys from various sources, it is found that 24 inches are the sweetest spot as it’s more comfortable for most people. This size lowers your eye fatigue and requires less space. The 27″ screen is good but can get a little big for some people and also require larger desk space. Check out our favorite 27-inch monitors if that interests you.

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Is a 24-inch 1440p monitor worth it?

A 24-inch monitor is usually combed with 1080P, which overall gives excellent results for most uses including gaming, and editing. The 1440p on a 24-inch screen can provide higher pixel density and resolution, but it will also add up extra load on your CPU. So make sure your CPU is prepared for it.

Should I get a 24 or 27-inch monitor?

Whether you should get a 24 or 27-inch monitor entirely depends on your budget, space, and somewhat on your CPU. If you have a reasonable budget, a big enough desk, and a powerful CPU that can handle 1440p or more, then you should definitely get a 27-inch variant. Or just be a Pro and choose the best comfortable size out there, which is 24 inches. For more on monitor screen size, click here.

Why do pros use 24-inch monitors?

The one significant factor behind pros choosing the 24-inch monitor is the fact that it’s a universally comfortable size. It’s neither too small nor too big. It doesn’t take up much space, provides enough on-screen room to access multiple apps, and it doesn’t even make a hole in your pocket.

Your call!

The BenQ Zowie is one of our top choices for a reason. The impressive hardware that it brings to your table makes your gaming experience fluid. It is highly recommended for online gaming and esports due to its robust 1ms response and 144Hz refresh numbers. However, the 144Hz is only achievable on Display Port. And as a TN monitor, it is not advisable for color-critical work like editing. Check out more top monitors for graphics design here.

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